Stephanie is a mom, teacher, volunteer, and Deer Valley Unified School District governing board member.

Stephanie with her daughters

Stephanie’s journey began in Oregon, where she was educated by remarkable teachers who instilled in her a passion for learning and a commitment to giving back.

After receiving her Bachelor's degree in Communication from Portland State University, she ventured into the professional world, seeking meaning and a way to contribute to her community.

Stephanie remained in the city and began working in a law firm. She later moved back to her hometown to begin a career in project management for a web development company. Although she loved her work, she longed to have a profession that would provide meaning, one that would give back to the community, and one that helps others be successful.

In 2014, her family was blessed with the opportunity to make Arizona home. She received her Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Grand Canyon University and began teaching for the Deer Valley Unified School District. It was when she entered the classroom that she indeed found her purpose.

Working with 1st graders was rewarding and challenging, and it reaffirmed her belief in the power of education to transform lives. She saw firsthand the positive impact of diverse teaching methods, dedicated staff, and engaged parents.

At the same time Stephanie was teaching, her youngest daughter was facing some challenges in her development. When it was time to renew her contract Stephanie, unfortunately, had to make the decision to leave the classroom full time. Stephanie continued teaching as a substitute which allowed her to meet her daughter's needs and still remain in the classroom. In 2022, Stephanie was elected to the Deer Valley Unified School District Governing Board and is proud to advocate for ALL students in Deer Valley. 

As a mother and a member of this community, Stephanie understands the challenges and aspirations of families in our district. She understands the importance of quality public education, our water and environmental challenges, the Phoenix housing crisis and reproductive freedom. These are not partisan issues; they are issues that affect us all, regardless of our political affiliation.

Stephanie has been serving on the Deer Valley School Board since 2023.

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